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Add On Services

Most of our bed bug heater rental providers are fully licensed pest control companies and are proud to offer many add-on services such as:

Bed Bug Detection K-9’s

Using a bed bug dog can be a great addition to your heater rental.  The canines can verify where the bed bugs are and/or isolated to.  More importantly, they are a great post-heat treatment tool to make sure the treatment you performed was successful!

(Recommended for before or after a bed bug heat treatment)

NOTE:  Add-on service is not available in all areas


Residual Chemical Application

We recommend adding a residual chemical treatment service to any rental package. These services are performed by our network of highly trained and licensed pest control members/heater rental providers. The service typically consists of the technician using a variety of methods and products to ensure bed bugs are eliminated from infested harborages or places that may difficult or impossible to heat.  Adding a long-lasting residual insecticide is especially important in situations with a high probability of re-infestation.

(Recommended for all bed bug heat treatments to ensure a residual effect. Can be scheduled before or after a heat treatment)

NOTE:  Add-on service is not available in all areas


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